Stefan Hallberg

Painting & Sculpture – Dynamic Strokes and Imaginary

Stefan Hallberg

Stefan Hallberg
Stefan Hallberg
Stefan Hallberg


Art Education:

Domen Konstskola, Göteborg, Sweden, 1980 – 1986
Studied Painting and Sculpture

Solo Art Exhibitions:

Grunden Grand Bazar, Göteborg, 2016
Paintings: All that this not-anything is, is everything
Allt detta som ingenting är, är allt

Galleri 25, Göteborg, 1996
Paintings and Sculptures

Galleriet Fabriken, Göteborg, 1995

Teater Trixter, Göteborg, 1994
Paintings and Sculpture, Theme: Jord (Earth)

Galleri 25, Göteborg, 1994
Paintings and Sculptures

Teater Trixter, Göteborg, 1993
Paintings and Installation, Theme: Eld (Fire)

Joint Art Exhibitions:

Konsthallen Göteborg, 1994, As a member of the collective group HH Best Art Company
Project: Teknik som konst (Technology as Art)

Konstmuseet Göteborg, 1992, As a member of the collective group HH Best Art Company
Paintings: Logotypes as Art

Stefan Hallberg

Stefan Hallberg


Born 1944 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Stefan began work as an Apprentice Electrician at the local shipyard Götaverken when he was 16 years old. He continued working as an electrician at construction sites on the West Coast of Sweden until 2005. Taking early retirement, he is now fully focused on his art.

In 1974, Stefan began studying art by taking evening classes in drawing and painting of models. He took classes continually until he was accepted to the private art school Domen Konstskola in Gothenburg in 1980, a school noted for the dynamic painter Tullan Fink. He studied painting and sculpture there for six years.

Currently, Stefan is working on several large oil paintings that contain motifs from nature, and which utilize a coating technique from the 15th Century Italian Pre-Renaissance painters.

Stefan works in an intriguing style that brings a new perspective to reality. Once he begins a painting, he does not stop until it is complete, whether that takes 4 hours or 40.

Stefan Hallberg

Stefan Hallberg

Stefan with Peggy McInerny and Birgitta Hansson, Stefan’s manager.
Peggy is the happy art patron and new owner of Stefan’s painting.

“I really LOVE the painting — it’s deep colors, rhythm, and sense of fun. And I get a kick out of people’s reactions when I tell them it is by a Santa Barbara artist — it’s not your mother’s Santa Barbara!” Love, Peg

Stefan Hallberg

42″ x 42″ oil on canvas

Stefan painted this oil painting in Santa Barbara, California. He had asked Birgitta Hansson to take photos of the two large fig trees in town and one morning when the light was right she rushed out and got the pictures that is the reference for this painting of the big fig tree at West Anapamu Street, a couple of blocks away from State Street. Stefan wanted to create a different aspect and color scheme then the traditional art by Santa Barbara artists.

While visiting Santa Barbara, Stefan discovered a reflection that looked like his painting in a window in a house in the corner of State and Carrillo Streets to his great surprise!

Stefan Hallberg

38″ x 54″ oil on canvas, 2008

This oil painting also has it’s reference to the fig tree at West Anapamu Street in Santa Barbara. Stefan empathizes the female and the male interaction shown in the cooling and warming colors and shapes.

Stefan Hallberg


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To inquire about Stefan’s work contact
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